Before Your First Visit

Thank you for choosing Dr. Kagel for your orthopedic needs. We know you have many options in seeking your personal care. It is our mission to make the experience of a doctor’s visit as simple and straightforward as possible. We strive to provide the highest level of care in a most compassionate manner.

To make your first visit more pleasant, it is important that you are prepared. We make it a point to attempt to have someone from our staff contact you to confirm your appointment time. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, we will make our best attempt to accommodate your needs.

Your records

Prior to the day of your visit, please have on hand your previous X-ray, MRI, CT and reports. This could include operative or ER reports. Appropriate lab tests may also be of use for your consultation.

On your visit

On the day of your visit, if you are unable to complete our forms our staff will be happy to provide assistance. We kindly ask that you bring along your insurance information and a government issued ID.

Dr. Kagel encourages patients to bring a family member or friend to the exam room. This may help you formulate questions at the time of the visit, or aid in recall of the doctors comments and recommendations.

Physical Examination

At the time of your physical examination try to wear comfortable clothing. If your visit is for a shoulder or elbow consider wearing a tank top or short sleeve shirt under your clothing to allow access to the problem area. If the exam is for a knee try to come in wearing shorts or just bring them along for the visit.


We have onsite X-ray and may recommend obtaining an image if this will help in your consultation. Sometimes additional X-rays after a ER visit are necessary to confirm a diagnosis or previous treatment.

Patient Education

Often the doctor may offer additional information regarding a diagnosis.

This is provided in aiding the patient in understanding the underlying cause of their problem and in exploring a variety of treatment options. Please do not hesitate to ask for any additional information.